Now hear this.

"Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound." ~David Lynch

Location audio / sound recordist / field audio / eng audio / field recordist / wild sound in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.
Have mic, will travel.

Field mixer-eng kit:

5 channel Wendt X5 field mixer.
2 full Sennheiser EW100 G3 kits w/ SMA antenna mods & Countryman EMW mics. A block(516-558 MHz)
1 Sennheiser EW100 G3 kit w/ SMA antenna modification. G block (566-608 MHz).
2 Electro-Voice RE50/B omnidirectional microphones.
1 Audio-Technica AT4053 hypercardioid.
1 Audio-Technica AT835b line-gradient mic.
1 VDB boom pole.
2 NP-1 batteries with charger.

Cell phone based IFB:

1 Sennheiser G3 IEM receiver. G block (566-608 MHz)


1 Fostex FR-2LE 2-track Memory Field Recorder with 2-8GB and 1-4GB CF card. No timecode.
2 Countryman EMW omnidirectional laveliers with PSC Universal power supplies.
Filmtools camera slate. No timecode
2 Presonus Firepods, 16 tracks of 24bit/48kHz.

Rent PA - speakers:

2 JBL SRX835P three-way powered speakers.
2 Ultimate Support TS100 stands.
1 Mackie 802 VLZ3.
1 Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro.

Contact: Lars Turpen
Little Rock, AR

assorted microphones

Live/Wild sound mics:

1 AKG D112 (handles up to 160dB)
2 Audio-Technica AT4050CM5
1 Electro-Voice 635N/D-B.
1 Lectrosonics** H187/CR187 (182.200 mHz).
2 Lectrosonics** M185/CR185 (169.505 & 171.045 mHz).
2 Shure WL184 supercardioid laveliers.
2 Shure PG52
3 Shure SM59
1 Shure SM54
1 Shure Microflex 185 cardioid lectern microphone.


Honda EU2000i 1,600 VA 120 volt generator
1 PC DI.
2 Matthews C-stands with sandbags and fishpole adapters.
1 GG14 pole.
2 packing/sound blankets.
Various and sundry cables and adapters.

Contact: Lars Turpen
Little Rock, AR

MSNBC Lafayette

Digital Media:

Digital files: Transferred to your hard drive on site or uploaded to FTP server of your choice. Temporary FTP storage on my server provided at no extra cost.

Wild audio files can be recorded in any of these bit rates:

44.1kHz/16 bit, BWF file mode - 768 minutes of record*
44.1kHz/24 bit, BWF file mode - 512 minutes of record*
48 kHz/16 bit, BWF file mode - 720 minutes of record*
48 kHz/24 bit, BWF file mode - 480 minutes of record*
88.2 kHz/24 bit, BWF file mode - 256 minutes of record*
96 kHz/24 bit, BWF file mode - 240 minutes of record*
MP3 192kbps compressed file mode - 5,360 minutes (89 hours) of record*.

* On an 8GB CompactFlashâ„¢ card card. Supply your own card or use mine. Record times dependant on battery life. Recorder has AC power capability to maximize record times.
** Lectrosonics units refurbished by Jaycee Communications & Electronics Inc in 2014.

Based out of Little Rock, AR • 501-952-2951