"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent."
~Albert Einstein


Streamlining production is what I do best. Reducing duplication of effort and introducing economy of motion can save you thousands of dollars. Contact me for a free initial consultation.


Lars Turpen was born in Frankfurt, West Germany in 1966. He spent his youth as a Navy brat and went to 13 different schools in 12 years as a result. A smattering of college, DJing, pizza delivery and 6 years in the Oklahoma National Guard filled his time after high school. Lars stage managed the Brady Theater for 10 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma before moving to Costa Rica for two years in 2002. After 15 years of directing and engineering Get Motivated Seminars, a 4-camera graphics intensive live event for audiences in excess of 20,000, Lars is now headed in new creative directions. Streamlining and organizing are some of the greatest assets Lars brought to the production. Over the years Lars has worked on various commercials, corporate videos, documentaries and TV shows in a variety of capacities.


FAA licensed sUAS pilot

The sky's the limit. More realistically 400' AGL as per FAA regulations.

Location/live shot audio

'14-'17 Little Rock HD Little Rock, AR

Web developer

'13-'17 The David and Barbara Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History Fayetteville, AR

Location/live shot audio

'12-'17 Hailstone Creek Productions Little Rock, AR

Firearm safety instructor

'12-'17 We formed Little Rock Concealed Carry so that you could have a safe, informed, experienced, professional, and handsome team of instructors, who are prepared to train and qualify you to carry your handgun in a confident and legal manner.

Video Director/Video-Webcast Engineer

'02-'17 MP Productions Little Rock, AR Video-webcast engineer and video director of portable multi-camera/projector system for clients including Get Motivated Seminars, The Clinton Presidential Library, ACN, Juice Plus, The Limu Companies and many more. Venues range in size from ballrooms to arenas.

Network Administrator/Webmaster

'00-'04 Best Value Realty Nosara, Costa Rica Set up and managed networks for four Century 21 Best Value Realty real estate offices in Costa Rica. Designed database-driven system for managing listings and Web site.

Video Director/Engineer

'95-'02 TES Productions Tulsa, OK Video director and engineer of a 4 camera portable image magnification system. Audio engineer and operator of a digital audio workstation for live performances. Handheld and studio camera operation.

Stage Manager/Steward

'94-'02 Brady Theater Tulsa, OK Advanced house information with touring productions. Trained house electricians, riggers, and flymen. Hired and supervised local crew. Provided technical direction for Tulsa area productions.

House Audio Engineer

'92-'02 Brady Theater Tulsa, OK Updated and operated house system for local and touring acts. Designed and installed upgrades to the house's portable system. Freelance Audio Engineer '90-'02 Tulsa, OK Set up and operated sound systems for countless local bands in various locations in Oklahoma. Some famous, some not so famous.


'99-'01 VYVX-Williams Communications* Tulsa, OK Assisted with production of internal corporate promo videos for The Williams Companies. Duties included setup and operation of the audio recording system and assisting of the gaffer with the lighting setup. *Now known as Level3 Communications.


'96-'98 Tulsa Scenic Tulsa, OK Designed, built, and operated sound systems for local events. Installed light and sound systems in various schools and churches in Tulsa.

Monitor Engineer/Stage Manager

'93-'95 Music Sound World Tulsa, OK Engineered Tulsa Backup's 12 mix concert monitor system. Stage-managed concerts, banquets, and festivals, etc...

Member of I.A.T.S.E Local #354 since 2001